The brand Gaston unleashes Gaston Louis-Vuitton affinity for the unique and for the exploration of creativity through its modular childrens garments. The garments were made in collaboration with Zlata Belokobylskaia, Antonio Carvalho e Castro and Miriam Kremers. 

For the in-store experience, I was inspired by Gasto Louis Vuitton storefronts display designs, which feature geometric shapes in bold colorways. 

The main entrance is dominated by a rainbow arch, that introduces you to the world of playfulness of Gaston.

The interior is very flexible, looking more like a play-grown rather than a store. The displays are bold and geometric, facilitating the interaction with the customer.  The intention was to make the children exited to go there.

The branding represents the spirit of Gaston; elegance and playfulness. The classic fonts reference vintage Louis Vuitton Publications, while the symbol of the wonder trunk represents the classic trunks Gaston used to collect. The  color palette is inspired by the spointanaity of children, and it comes to life in a whimsical print of rainbow squiggly lines.

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